About Us



About Us


We are proud to present a brief overview of Grand River Nursery. We are a wholesale grower of deciduous shade and ornamental nursery stock for the landscape, re-wholesale, and retail trades. We offer only the finest quality plant material, field grown in sizes 1.25" to 5.00", and PIP containers 10 Gallon, 15 Gallon, and 25 Gallon.


Grand River trees are grown in wide spaced rows with moisture controlled by drip irrigation throughout the growing season. The trees are staked and pruned to develop straight fully crowned heads. Our location, on Grand River in northeastern Oklahoma, offers ideal soil and growing conditions. Being in Zone 6 offers long growing seasons and cold winters to ensure dormancy and allowing harvesting a wide range of plant species five months out of the year.


Our future plans include not only the concentration of our efforts to constantly improve quality of the B&B program, but the expansion of our PIP program. We have always based our reputation on consistent quality and good service and will strive to always maintain this attitude.


Please call Debbie with any of your plant needs. We wish everyone a successful and profitable year.


Charles D. Morgan, President